Pediatric cardiology is related to treating children with heart diseases. This type of cardiology is a branch of medicine.

Definition of Pediatric Cardiologist

A pediatric cardiologist is a person who treats children who have heart diseases and some other diseases related to the heart.

What are some of the heart diseases found in children?

It does not matter if heart diseases are found in children or adults. In both the situation, it can be very alarming.

There are many different kinds of heart disease that can be found in children and some of which will be discussed in this article.

Thanks to the latest technologies and medicines, the children having any type of heart disease can be treated and they get fid as fiddle again.

  1. Arrhythmias. Arrhythmias is an unusual pattern of the heart. If a child has this type of disease, it means that their heart is unable to pump properly. Some common symptoms of arrhythmias are weakness, restlessness, difficulty in eating food and dizziness.

Arrhythmias is treated depending upon its type. The type of arrhythmias which can be found in children are either the fast or slow rate of heart.

  • Heart Burble. A heart burble is a sound like wheezing or whistling which is made when the blood is circulated all over the chambers or the arteries of the heart. Sometimes it does not cause any harm but other times it can be a serious problem for the circulatory system. The cause of a heart burble may due to fever or bloodlessness. In some cases, the heart burble does not require treatments but other times extra treatment might be necessary.
  • Atherosclerosis. This type of disease is caused due to the formation of fat and lipid filled plates inside the arteries. As the formation of these plates’ increases, the arteries get thick and there is a chance that clots of blood can be formed. The treatment of this type of disease can be exercise and some changes in the diet.

Pediatric cardiologists in Dubai are very famous because they treat children in an effective manner and they have also have a good success rate.

If you have any heart problem or something related to your heart then you can go to a cardiologist and cardiac surgeon so you can be perfectly alright again.