Flowers tend to last longer when they are stored away in cool temperatures. Avoid displaying flowers near heat-generating appliances, open windows, ceiling fans, and heating vents. Avoid placing fresh floral arrangements near ripe fruits and vegetables because they release ethylene gas. A few household remedies can help your flowers stay fresh longer. These solutions include avoiding direct sunlight and adding a teaspoon of bleach to their water. As a florist in Abu Dhabi, you must keep these things in mind.

Avoiding direct sunlight:

Flowers thrive in cool temperatures, so avoid displaying them in direct sunlight. Avoid placing them near radiators or heat sources. Store them in the refrigerator overnight. Flowers keep longer in the refrigerator but not in direct sunlight. Avoid placing them near ripe fruits, as they release ethylene gas, reducing the vase life of fresh arrangements. Instead, add a few drops of household remedies to the water you use to arrange them.

Avoiding heat:

Flowers can be damaged by hot, humid conditions, making them more susceptible to wilting and drying out. Keeping your floral arrangements away from heat sources will help preserve their freshness and beauty. Avoid placing your vases near sunny windows and check the water level daily. If condensation forms on the sleeves, change them immediately to prevent botrytis. Cold temperatures are best for cut foliage. Flowers and foliage are best displayed in well-ventilated rooms near an air conditioning unit to prevent oxidation and deterioration.

Avoiding fruit:

Fruit is popular for events and weddings, but you should avoid it if you’re a DIY-er to make your floral arrangements last longer. Fruit acidity can degrade flowers, especially fresh ones, but there are ways to separate them. For instance, you can place floral liners in larger vases to separate the fruit from the flowers. Alternatively, you can buy smaller vases to separate the fruit from the flowers.

Keeping flowers well hydrated:

Freshly cut flowers can dehydrate during the journey, so it is important to keep them well hydrated to ensure their longevity. While you cannot give them a drink right away, they need to be refreshed every 48 to 72 hours. Here’s how. Read on to find out how to do this, and make your floral arrangements last longer! It’s surprisingly simple and will improve the quality of your floral arrangements.