Who doesn’t love to have beautiful pictures on a wedding when they are all dressed up and have some make up on? Definitely no one will unlike that. When you are going to arrange a wedding party then you have to get a photo booth Dubai at the venue as everyone will like to have pictures and selfies in there. But the main question is that how to get a booth and which kind of booth will be suitable for your wedding. To get the answers you have to read this:

Open air:

This is a kind of booth which is open and there is just a beautiful backdrop which shows that it is the place to take pictures during the wedding. People will most likely to get this kind of booth because it is appropriate and also it will take lesser space as compared to the other photo booths. You can get some flowers like print on your backdrop or you can have a shimmery one but take according to the look of overall wedding party.

Mirror style:

People will love to take pictures and selfies in the mirror as these pictures are aesthetically amazing so you can get installed a beautiful full sized mirror at one corner of your wedding area where people can get mirror pictures. You can have two or more styles of booths together like you can have an open air photo booth and on its both sides you can install two mirrors to serve the purpose of both of these. People will like it more because they can have pictures with different backgrounds and then enjoy their pictures and selfies after the wedding party.

Green screen:

It is also a kind of photo both but it is not very popular because it will show only a green plain background so you have to select this carefully according to the mindset of the guests which you are going to invite in your wedding. There will be chance of getting some funky pictures in front of this green backdrop but it is mostly for the youngsters as elderly people will not like to take pictures like that. You can take opinion of other people too so that you can decide about it in a better way to facilitate everyone at wedding or get a virtual photo booth.