During the golden age of education the kids of the high families would not go into schools and education systems but they would get private tutors appointed for them. The reason for this is plain and simple the parents wanted to make sure that the child develops an aptitude for doing the best in the world. The focus of the parents was to make sure that their children learn the local languages with perfect efficiency. This ensures the early development of child and increased the mental aptitude of the children. In comparison, a British school in Doha starts off with teaching the children alien language, culture, and values. The dressing and the talking styles is completely in contrast with the practical world and therefore the children are unable to associate their learning with the real world.

The Need of Educational Reform

It is a great tragedy for the children of a nation to not have any real association with their education and their cultural values. The mental development of a child stops if they are not able to use their new knowledge in their surroundings. The purpose of the education is to help the child make sense of the world around them. When the education system fails to serve the purpose of development and progress, it becomes futile and useless. The sloths of the curriculum planning committees fails to supervise or propose a reform that should be in place. People have become accustomed to getting the passing marks and are happy that they get through to the next level. There are no worries or debates about increasing the intelligence aptitude of the young pupils who are the back bone and future of any nation. A kindergarten school in Qatar starts with teaching the children alphabets and not the basic life keeping skills that are vital for survival.


Many bright mind and thinkers of the future have detected several lapses in the current state of education. It is evident that the progress of the country depends upon the number of inventors and creators rather than borrowers. A place with a lot of conformists only chases the comfort life dream and has no knack for making things themselves. There are no production houses, and the international trade options are limited other than natural resources.