There can be many but finding the best interior design company in Abu Dhabi can be very difficult. Because we and you both know that getting a place well done by an interior designer can be very expensive and no matter how much money one has on him or her – people do get concerned about spending huge amount of money. Since there are so many interior design companies around us, finding the right one can be very difficult. It is best that you go in prepared when you are thinking to hire a specific one. It is best that you ask some questions from them and you will get more info here about those questions.’

Q: How can you design a small space? This is the question that will get an amateur interior designer startled or confused because managing and recreating huge places are easy, you can fill in things and make it look amazing. But the real challenge comes when you have to do the opposite – think how to make a small place look amazing without adding things. If the interior designer shows you some good ideas then hire that one.

Q: When designing a space, what is the most important thing for you? now even the best interior designers will have a totally different answer and the most common answer is theme which includes furniture, colors and artifacts.

Q; How will you fit a book shelf in a small space? Book shelves can take up a lot of space and if you are a nerd or a frequent book reader then we know that having a book shelf is your dream. And if the interior designer can come up with a good idea that does not consume a lot of space – hire that one.

Q: What kind of wood will use for designing?  This depends all on your budget. If you have a lot of money then you can use the most expensive one and if you have a normal budget the interior designer will tell you to opt from cherry, oak or mahogany and the cheaper ones are pine, bamboo, and maple.

Q: How will you light up the house? Too many lights can make it look eerie. If you have a good budget then you can use app-controlled lights that are placed in different parts of the room and if you have small budget then the interior designer should give you the option of lamps and scones.