Art is passion for some people and it also a hobby for many people who do this just for fun and they are not tending to earn through it. It will be a great thing to pass time with fun and to enjoy the company of colors. Painting is a kind of art which is enjoyable for most of the people no matter about their artistic background and to ensure that everyone will have a good painting as a beginner there is now a facility of kits having paint by number supplies so that everyone can paint a master of their own. There are a lot of things which you have to take care while painting but with these kits you will start easily without much knowledge so you can paint and sip from a cup of coffee and relax. Here are some tips for beginners:

First thing is that you have to buy a kit which should include a few necessary items like painting colors with numbers mentioned on them, canvas with drawing and numbers mentioned on that and paint brushes of different sizes. You can paint with one sized brush but having multiple sizes will help you in painting more accurately.

Second is that you have to keep your area clean. If you have a bigger canvas and you are intending to do more paintings then you can buy an easel for this purpose otherwise you can paint on a cleaner and flatter surface so that there will be no difficulty while painting and your canvas frame will remain clean from the other side. When you have dirty canvas frame from back then it will look awkward if you hang that on the wall or when you show that to someone.

Third thing is that you have to start with bigger and darker area which is usually the background because it will help you in understanding the smaller areas more accurately. If you made any mistake while painting then there is no need to get panicked or worried about it, you can easily make that over with the other relevant color or you can have some white on that and then paint with the required color. Even if you have some mistakes in your first painting then it is ok because no one will learn without making mistakes.